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2020 Subaru Legacy

Discussion in 'General Automotive Talk' started by Andrew B., Jun 9, 2019.

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  1. Andrew B.

    Andrew B. Member

    Jan 17, 2014
    I don't know if you are still here, but I'll post this anyway. It looks like the 2020 Subaru Legacy will be on the universal platform used by it's other vehicle along with the engine from the Forester. According to Subaru it will be quieter and with a better ride, due to platform rigidity.

    You might be shocked to hear this but I'm going to actually start test-driving cars. I finally got it squared away in my head that it makes sense to get a new car, even though I only put on about 500 miles per year, most of which are with me in the passenger seat. It all comes down to safety and comfort. And so I finally dug deeper into how to use the Consumer Reports website to focus on three main points: ride, noise, and reliability. This put the Subaru way up there. So that's what I will look at first. Of course, this will be a 2019 I'm testing, and from what I understand they are heavily discounted because sales will drop as people wait for the 2020. But that 2020 interior sure looks sweet. So I might wait to actually buy. The thing is though I have to get out and get started now so I can at least familiarize myself with what's going on, even if I end up buying next year.
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