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Dupli-Color Caliper Paints

Discussion in 'Vehicle customizing' started by, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. Member

    Sep 26, 2013
    Anyone have any experience with Dupli-Color caliper paints? I mean, I like the idea because of the the fact that they may actually protect your calipers from rust an corrosion but it almost seems like you just won't notice it unless you go for the yellow. Still, the fact that you can paint the disc and all of the brake parts makes it more likely to be seen I suppose. This is in comparison to caliper covers which can only be used on the calipers. Anyway, I just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on the subject and the following blog post may actually give more grist for the mill since it shows both:
  2. Flexin

    Flexin Admin Staff Member Founding Member Top Event

    Apr 25, 2012
    Truck Driver
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    I haven't used Dupli-Color's product but I have painted my brakes before. I find it is noticeable. Sometimes the noticeable part is the lack of rust. On my Ford Escort I had, the rear brakes were drum. When I put on my custom rims there was a big rusty drum sitting there taking away from the look of the polished aluminum rim. Even the front calipers were rusted. Some might not notice but for anyone that is into rims I feel they will notice.

    I washed my car one day. I knew the brakes needed to be refinished but I didn't have a chance to do it yet. When I got home I looked at the pics and was going to post them online. In those pictures I could see the rust without an issue. This drove me nuts. So I decided that I had to fix this asap. That was wasn't going to help the pictures that I wanted to post that night. So I scanned the pictures and used paintshop to clean them up. I made them a dark blue. I'm proud of the job I did and a lot of people couldn't believe that it wasn't real. It helped because I painted them the same color I used on the computer.

    What I used was an engine spray paint. I used Ford Blue for the color. I cleaned them of oil and dirt, removed any loose rust, taped off anything that shouldn't be painted and put on 2 or three coats of paint. They were not in your face like a red or yellow paint would be but you could notice them. The main thing was to make it so rust wasn't the first thing you noticed. That goal was achieved.

    Depending on the design, some covers and look really fake. Some (or most) stock calipers don't look all that great.

    One issue I see with the cover in that it covers the the curve on the brake caliper. Some tools, like the one I have, use a threaded rod that would need to be in that area. So unless you trim that area it makes pushing the caliper piston back in.

    One advantage to the covers is it cuts down on some prep time. You would wouldn't have to tape, paint multiple coats and then remove the tape. One disadvantage I just thought of is the 24 hour wait time. For paint it would be shorter. I also wonder if the covers can be removed without damage? I just had to replace a rear caliper the last time I did my rear brakes on the TL and I believe I will have to replace on in the front when I to them. If you can remove the cover, you would just need some more high temp silicone. If your out of paint you would need a new can.

    There is pros and cons to both products. What works best for one might not for another. The price of the covers on your site are about half of what I would expect them to be so it does make it a very good option for people.

    I have to do the calipers on my wives car. I wanted to do it when she bought the car but I ran out of time before the winter. I will do them in the spring when I put her alloy wheels back on. I'm going with paint. Hers are 16" wheels (you need at least a 17" for the covers) and that is the way I'm use to doing it. She doesn't want anything that stands out so red, yellow or any other bright color is out. She is thinking a gray or something. She just doesn't want the rust.

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