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The ULTIMATE Cheap but Fun road trip

Discussion in 'Road Trips' started by justusforus, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. justusforus

    justusforus Member Founding Member

    Aug 30, 2013
    I love anything to do with a road trip, the planning, the trip and the stories afterwards. I want to share what started as an experiment but ended with some of the best ideas and most interesting war stories ever.

    When I was a bit younger, I was talking to one of my girl friends about another cross country trek. She said "Oh I wish I could go". Of course I said come along and she gave the list of time problems, pet sitting and ultimately money. I said "don't worry about the money" I have the secret to a cheap and fun trip. So in true "Thelma and Louise" style we set out for parts and places unknown without a plan or a big budget.

    I had a van that had a decent conversion. It was roomy and the seats folded down in a bed. We took some coolers and brought a supply of drinks, knowing that a cold drink could cost more than a sandwhich at places. We also traded driving and sleep tasks during the evening and night hours so we made a lot of progress and didn't have to stop that often. When we did, we could often just stay in the van and there are many rest stops with not only bathrooms but views.

    But "ahhh" you say, what did two women do without a shower? Enter the ultimate adventure, the truck stop showers. Some along the way said "Trucker's only" but all had separate showers for men and women. But for 5 bucks or less, you could get a shower and bathroom sort of suite with towels and sometimes supplies. The few that said "Trucker's Only" as I the bold one tested, merely asked for you to put the name of your company on the form until you were called. So came the birth of "Bad Girls" trucking, the first thought in my pea brain. It worked like a charm and no counter jockey ever saw it and asked anything more.

    We did stop for local delicacies as a treat (a BBQ stand or a "real" pizza place) but we also stocked our cooler from country markets along the way. Add any local fruits or veggies we found at stands and we were quite the "hunters and gatherers".

    We stopped at all the view points, the Grand Canyon, the ghost towns and even "The Thing" in Arizona (you have to figure that one out yourself). We stopped for anything and everthing that we wanted to see or to take a picture of or with. We shopped (as women often do with the money they save elsewhere) at sovenir stores, local out of the way "finds", Ozarkland (another you would have to visit to appreciate) and yes those iinfamous "truck stops" I mentioned before. You can find everything from a ceramic gecko to a personal battery operated fan. There are even CLOTHES...not just t-shirts but socks, hats (straw and otherwise), vests, flannels and jackets. I remember getting a Levi jacket (ala my "Bad girls" name I adopted) lined and to me quite a fashion statement for under twenty dollars.

    Would I do it again? Well I am a bit older but I have and would in a heart beat but I have sprinkled in a few creature comforts this time. I will never forget the very first adventure that set the fire in my soul and made my friend rethink her priorities from that point forward.

    ROAD TRIP ME.png
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  2. Ryder13

    Ryder13 Active Member Founding Member Feburary Winner

    Dec 26, 2012
    That is a pretty cool story. You rock.
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  3. justusforus

    justusforus Member Founding Member

    Aug 30, 2013
    Thanks Ryder, you see pretty cool there in that photo. I did not add we stopped into a little diner WAY off the road in Utah (called the Silver Griddle) next to a RR crossing. We had on cowboy hats sat at the counter and chatted with "Bev" who was serving us. Turns out quite by chance this was THE diner where the scene of Susan Sarandon calling the FBI in "Thelma and Louise" and the RR crossing was where they filmed the infamous scene where she said "I don't drive through Texas". Now that was a real trip!
  4. rosa

    rosa Active Member Top Contributor

    Jan 20, 2014
    Trips like that is what I'm talking about. Where you just have a great time along the way and have to just go with the flow and be innovative. It must have been super for a first. I'm hoping mine comes sooner than later.
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