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To build or not to build

Discussion in 'Car Builds' started by lovemwaf, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. lovemwaf

    lovemwaf Member Top Thread

    Nov 7, 2013
    I have always been one of those people that have no car mechanic skills, but believe that i can definitely get out there and build one. But i have never done it because everytime i attempt to go to a junkyard and find a place to start. There are people who eagerly discourage me. Do you think that it is worth building a car or just buy one like everyone else does.
  2. Flexin

    Flexin Admin Staff Member Founding Member Top Event

    Apr 25, 2012
    Truck Driver
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Depends on what the cars are going for and how willing you are willing to learn. Plus I know some people that are just not good with tools. If your not one of them and are willing and able to learn then we not?

    What reasons are they giving you to discourage you? It won't be easy but its not impossible.

    How much of a project do you want?
    Do you want to build it from scratch?
    Do you want to rebuild the engine or just put in a crate engine in it?
    Or are you going to look for a working
    motor in the yard?
    Do you have the space to work on it?
    Do you have the money to buy the required tools?
    Do you know someone that can help you with the tough parts? If not are you able to pay to get those done by someone that can of it?

    The way I see it, worse case, you decide it's too much work and it sits there till you decide it's time to sell it off.

    You still might learn some new skills during that time.

    I say do it. If people listened to all the people that said not to do something because it is too hard then we wouldn't have many of the great things we have today. Cars with power everything, highways that allow us to travel long distances, electric cars, planes, boats the size of small islands, sliced bread and yoga pants. :)

    So what is it that you want to build?

  3. Banister

    Banister Member

    Sep 16, 2013
    Of course it is possible but it takes time lol. For me I had no hard time dealing with it since my dad kept doing it at home I was always following up to know each step and every skill required. By the age of 16 I new everything regarding car building. I won't discourage or encourage you to it but if you have a sincere heart into doing it you would find it a cheap job to handle. All of lucks mate.
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