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Truck 2013 Ford Excursion EL

Discussion in 'Product reviews' started by Flexin, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. Flexin

    Flexin Admin Staff Member Founding Member Top Event

    Apr 25, 2012
    Truck Driver
    Nova Scotia, Canada

    A couple of weeks ago we made a trip from Halifax Nova Scotia to Toronto Ontario. We rented a 2013 Ford Excursion EL for the trip. There was 5 of us plus a dog so we wanted the extra space. The truck drove nice, had great power and built in GPS. Another nice feature for a round trip that was over 4000 kms (2485 miles) was the satellite radio which gave us a nice variety of music which was able to please most of us.

    Visibility was pretty good for a large SUV. It also had a rear back up camera which was a nice feature when the back of the SUV was loaded up, which blocked most of the rear window. When using the rear camera it is good to get someone to point out objects to show you what your looking at on the screen. It can give you a little more confidence. In Toronto, we parked in a parking garage one evening. It had low ceilings so we had to double check the height as we entered. If fit with about an inch to spare
    (if that). My brother found a spot and was able to park it without much issue. This is where we found out that it also has front sensors to warn you if your too close to something. Because of the size it took up every inch of the parking spot but it fit.

    The climb into the Excursion is a big one which is made easier with automatic fold out side steps. This is a nice feature which comes in handy. It also made it easier for my brothers small dog to climb in.

    Another nice feature was the power rear tail gate. Just make sure that you don't have anything breakable laying against the door when you open it. If you think you do, the window will open which will allow you access to most of your cargo.

    The Excursion has plenty of power was better at the pump then I expected for the most part. I was using a new fuel mileage app but that one didn't seem to work well so I need to see if I can get the data to enter into another app to find out the mileage. I wanted to do the whole trip but missed a few stops in the rush to get home for work.

    There are three rows of seating in this suv which helps with big groups. The front seats are not bad at all. I felt the seat lacked lumbar support. My mother didn't find the front passenger seat to be all that comfortable for her. She is picky about seats and if it isn't right it can cause her some back pain. Everyone else seemed ok with them. It came with leather seats, which were heated in the first and second row and they also had A/C in the front row seats. This is the my first experience with A/C in seats and it wasn't bad on the long drive.

    The second row was pretty good, the seats reclined which was nice when taking a nap. The third row was better then expected. I'm 5'6" so leg room wasn't too bad for me. Anyone with longer legs might feel too cramped. You also can't adjust the seat back from the seats. You can only do that with the power switches which are in the rear cargo area. This could leave you stuck sitting straight up till the next fuel or bathroom stop. Then your trying to reach in around your luggage to adjust it without pushing it out the rear as you move it back a little.


    • Lots of power
    • Room for 8
    • Automatic power folding side steps
    • Satellite radio and navigation with touch screen
    • Plenty of 12v outlets

    • No 12V outlet in the third row
    • Seat back can't be adjusted from the seat
    • Side mirrors didn't automatically lower when backing (had this on others before and its a great feature. It really helps to keep from damaging your 20" rims on a curb)
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